Fast Forward

Sponsors & Reviews

Thanks to the generosity of the Iowa Broadcasters Association

and the IBA Foundation for sponsoring this event.


Thanks to our Fast Forward planning committee & UNI Communication Studies:

  • Debora Blume, Vice President Operational Risk Consultant-Communications, Wells Fargo, Des Moines 
  • Dr. Anelia Dimitrova, Digital Journalism, Communication Studies, UNI
  • Dr. John Fritch, Dean, College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences, UNI
  • Professor Phillip Hopper, Digital Media Production, Comm Studies, UNI
  • Dr. Christopher Martin, Interim Head, Digital Journalism, Comm Studies, UNI
  • Dr. Chris Ogbondah, Digital Journalism, Comm Studies, UNI
  • Michael Rueber, Broadcast Engineer, Comm Studies, UNI
  • Professor Francesca Soans, Digital Media Production, Comm Studies, UNI
  • Dr. Paul Torre, Digital Media Leadership, Comm Studies, UNI

What past attendees said about the Fast Forward Workshop.

"Very beneficial. Like the mix of different media platforms. Nice to see and hear practical application that is working and how to gear up for that career."

"Thank you for this workshop! Very well put together. The speakers did a great job and I am glad that I was able to participate."

"Great workshop and wonderful instructors; very personable and very enlightening."

"It gave me insight about the media world and I really enjoyed my sessions. They were really useful."

"The professionals did an excellent job."