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2017 Workshop Registration - IS CLOSED


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For each of the three sessions (Session A, 9-9:50 a.m.; Session B, 10-10:50 a.m., and Session C, 11-11:50 a.m.) select one panel to attend.  Sessions are on a first-come, first serve basis until full. 

Select Panel 2, 3, or 4 for Session A.

Session A, Panel 1:  Flying High: Drones in Production (CLOSED)
As drone usage expands in newsgathering and commercial production, it is important to know how to use them correctly and effectively.
Ben Stineman (Rotor Visual)
Dan Whealy (KWWL)

Session A, Panel 2: News Directors: Secrets from the Newsroom
Iowa’s top News Directors examine the ins and outs of TV newsrooms. Find out what goes on behind the scenes and gain a better understanding of what it takes to be successful in broadcast news.
Julie Kraft, Moderator
Jaime Copley (KIMT) 
Rod Peterson (WHO)
Adam Carros (KCRG)

Session A, Panel 3: HR + New Hires
Hear from both sides of the hiring process, from new hires who recently started jobs, and from an HR (Human Resources) rep who evaluates applications, interviews candidates, and guides new employees through the orientation process.
Lindsay Cota (HR, Mindstream Media)
Olivia Guns (new hire, Mindstream Media) 
Cal Gruening (new hire, Mudd Advertising) 
Daniel Hampe (new hire, KWWL)

Session A, Panel 4: Career Transitioning from Broadcast Media to PR
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person holds six different jobs between ages 25 and 50. After successful careers in broadcasting, these pros were able to transition to new careers in public relations.  Expert advice on how to move up from one career to another.
Tara Thomas (Former KWWL anchor, now director of school and community relations at Waterloo Public Schools)
Dana Derflinger (Former TV broadcaster, now manager of medical affairs at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare)
Jeneane Beck (Former reporter for Iowa Public Radio, now Assistant Vice President for External Relations, University of Iowa)


Session B, Panel 1: Video Production: 4K and Beyond (CLOSED)
As Ultra Hi-Def formats expand into the consumer market, shooting and editing with high resolution file formats presents challenges.
Courtnee Carstens (Applied Arts & Technology)
Rob Bauer (Brownstone Marketing)

Session B, Panel 2: Ethics and Journalism
Print and broadcast journalism professionals answer the tough ethical questions, including how to handle anonymous sources, when to identify crime or accident victims, and what to do when a news source says something that is inaccurate.
Forrest Saunders (Reporter, KCRG)
Nancy Newhoff (Editor, Waterloo Courier)

Session B, Panel 3: Crafting a Top-Notch Resume
Industry recruitment specialist Teresa Hein has reviewed hundreds of resumes. Learn how to construct a winning resume with Teresa’s insider tips.
Teresa Hein (My Media Jobs)

Session B, Panel 4: Digital Marketing (CLOSED)
Learn about how digital marketers put together a Social Media advertising strategy, how optimizing for local traffic differs from national traffic, and how using Mobile is changing the digital advertising game.
Josh Schneiderman (Mudd Advertising)
Haley Johnson (Mudd Advertising)

Session B,  #5: Portfolio Critiques
Bring a link or DVD of your video portfolio (anchoring, reporting or other videography) and have a ten-minute, one-on-one critique with an industry expert. (Up to five 10-minute time slots available)
Julie Kraft


Session C, Panel 1: Sports Production
Explore the excitement of producing college sports coverage--from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat!
Eric Braley (UNI for ESPN 3)
Austin Hansen (Director of Video Production, Loyola Univ. Chicago)

Session C, Panel 2: Digital Storytelling (CLOSED)
Crafting stories with digital video.
Julie Kraft (moderator)
Forrest Saunders (KCRG)
Adam Orton (Fiction Filmmaker)
Troy McKay (Purdue University)

Session C, Panel 3: Speed Networking -- Meet the Pros
Meet and greet multiple media industry pros in a single session! Industry experts will rotate from table to table--you can ask them anything about the work they do, any career advice they may have, etc.
Jack Taddeo (NRG Media)
Amelia Monroe-Torre (Mindstream Media)
Courtnee Carstens (Applied Art & Technology)
Adam Carros (KCRG)

Session C, #4: Portfolio Critiques
Bring a link or DVD of your video portfolio (anchoring, reporting or other videography) and have a 10-minute, one-on-one critique with an industry expert. (Up to five 10-minute timeslots available)
Teresa Hein (My Media Jobs)